My experience at Lee Min Ho’s 1st Talk Concert in Seoul – Minoz World: Minoz Mansion

Lee Min Ho held his 1st Talk Concert in Seoul on 16th of January 2016. I got to attend it and I still can’t believe that I did, it all happened in a blink of an eye. Our boy looked more than amazing that night and he has shared many things about him, his thoughts and feelings, his opinions and choices, his childhood pictures xD, his experiences and hardships, he was more open than usual and felt very comfortable as he was SO talkative I wanted to leave my seat and go directly to hug him but too bad a fan already did that :P he’s such a sweetheart, my love for him has skyrocketed and I was at cloud 9. He doesn’t feel distant anymore, I felt he was so close.

Out of all days, it had to snow on the day of his concert and it was so cold. I’ve arrived at about 2pm that’s 2 hours before the opening of the venue, but there were already some minoz queued up outside the gate so I joined them and had a little chat with some of them, I knew then that Minho has already entered and that I missed his entry, I felt a little down 😞. as the gates were opening everyone entered in an orderly manner, and the bodyguard constantly kept saying to watch our steps as we were taking the stairs and there was the venue! there were about 6 lines for selling the concert merchandise and only 1 line for the here photobook (+ calendar and The Day album) so it was pretty crowded outside but everyone was cooperative and for a moment forgot the cold weather, the venue had Lee Min Ho written all over it and was fully occupied by minoz from all over the world .. it felt like heaven XD

The venue (Grand Peace Palace) before the gates were opened, huge and beautiful

Once I got my 2 tickets and was ready to enter the hall door, the man cut the tickets and gave us invitation cards and tickets for either a coffee or a citron tea that was offered by our boy, those came at the right time and fought the cold, I enjoyed the coffee and kept the holder for memory .. it roughly reads “Thank you minoz, this time it’s my treat” :wub:

invitation cards
Minho-treated coffee~

Many minoz from different regions (and some companies which Minho worked with) has offered large flower stands and/or rice wreath to show their support, it nicely decorated the entrance of the venue from outside 🌸

Flower Stands/ Top: PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, DC Minho Gallery, CEO of Sony Music – Bottom left: Minoz Japan – Bottom right: Minoz Chile
Rice wreath/ Minoz Taiwan and China, Lee Min Ho Hardcore fanclub and MinozShuanghua
Rice wreath/ Dave fancafe and MinoVita, Sinsadong staff members of the Industrial Bank (I was surprised to see this😅), Minoz from Vietnam and Hong Kong

Inside the venue were many banners of Lee Min Ho from his appointment as the ambassador of the upcoming winter olympics, 2 PMZ standees and 1 from his [here] album with a huge poster behind. there was a Promiz corner selling some goods and a corner where we international fans could borrow the live-translation device and it was THE most helpful thing ever! all the organizers and staff were friendly and helpful, and surprisingly spoke better english than me xD the concert was very well organized and the choice for its place, Grand Peace Palace was on-mark. it was the most beautiful hall I’ve ever been to, not to mention the beauty of Kyunghee University itself ^^ (Note: this place is the same that held the last Paeksang Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards)

inside the hall venue, and it screamed LEE MIN HO!! 😆

Later on after 2 hours of the gates opening, some minoz started to lineup inside getting ready for the hi-touch! looking at them especially those who came out after hi-fiving Minho was really an amusing sight to see, how excited and happy they looked made everyone around them happy. one of the fans right after the hi-touch came to her friends and hi-fived each one of them .. lol it’s like sharing Minho’s touch with her friends, they then smelled her hand 😂not to mention the girl herself constantly kept on smelling her own hand, lol that’s how badly they wanted to know how his hand smells like xD I really enjoyed looking at them and only wished if I was able to get a hi-touch too, that’d be the cherry on top of my trip to Seoul *sigh* however I’m not regretting the flying distance and my efforts to get to see him live it was totally worth it!

hi-touch queues

One last thing before I write about the concert itself, I’d like to say Thank You to all the lovely minoz who were at the venue and distributed some Minho-related stuff to their fellow minoz. I actually didn’t recognize some of them but I hope they know how happy they made us with their kindness

red envelopes with Minho’s art were given at the venue by MinozShuangHua
Some sweets from the sweet minoz ♡

The concert starts!

Minho started the concert saying it’s his first time MC’ing an event and thus he was a little nervous, but he did a great job for the first hour he was all by himself and Park Seulgi appeared in the second half of the concert. He sang 그때처럼 (The Days from his album The Day) and made a little mistake because his earphone fell he missed the right timing, it made us laugh but everyone cheered him on xD

Our seats were in the first floor (which is the ground floor) and on the corner, even though it looks a bit far from the stage but it wasn’t “that” far, actually the seats were good .. I could tell Minho was much better looking than in pictures, with his height he looked like a statue on the stage 😝 the only problem was with the screen view.

tickets booking through interpark
the view from my seat (left) vs. the view from a minoz seated in the 2nd floor (right)

The above was during the question of what picture among the 4 he liked the most {1. professionally taken photos 2. fan-taken pics 3. Minho-taken selfies 4. his current self},  and he chose the second choice fan-taken pics but all I could see was 3 pictures on the screen 😅 I didn’t see the whole picture until the next day from pics of other minoz, I realized I couldn’t see the whole screen from my seat.. if there will ever be a next time, rows E and A (in grand peace palace of Kyunghee University) should be avoided and unlike of what I thought the 2nd floor seems much better.

a question appeared on the screen {If you could get one of the following, what would you choose?}

만눙 인터테이너 1위 No.1 Entertainer

연기상 최다 수상 Best Acting Award 

인기상 최다 수상 Most Popular Award 

SNS 최다 팔로어 Most Followers on SNS 

제일 잘생긴 남자 1위 No.1 Handsome Man 

The last option made everyone laugh including Minho himself, and after giving out his opinion on it he chose “Best Acting Award” because he’s an actor and obviously that’s what would any actor want and hope for.

There was a section where it was Minho’s turn to ask a fan some questions (he was supposed to choose only 1 but chose 2, and this is one of the reasons why he was a bit behind on schedule), by randomly choosing from the ticket box he was playful and said there was no seat number on the ticket but only the name what to do … with his teasing he was killing us from the suspense lol finally 1 fan was chosen

Minho: What does Lee Min Ho mean to you?

Fan1: I love you 😹

Minho: When did you first know me?

Fan1: during Faith

a second fan was chosen, and here how their convo went on

LMH: When did you first know about me?

Fan2: I saw you shooting Boys Over Flowers in Apgujeong

LMH: Something you don’t like about me?

Fan2: I like the way you are, and very likely will like the way you’ll be in the future

it was so amazing seeing a fan who’s been supporting him since the shooting days of BOF, I really loved their interaction ^^

Lee Min Ho talked about his 20s and the time of his 2006 car accident, he said he was a fresh high school graduate back then and at the beginning of his 20’s like any other grad he was looking forward to enjoy his campus life and was planning for his future but the accident crushed his plans and made him stop for almost a year in which he could do nothing but think non-stop lying on the hospital bed not even being able to move, he said “but thankfully I’m all healthy now standing infront of you, I’m grateful for the time I spent in the hospital as it let me reconsider many things and gave me time to sort my thoughts and think of what I want to do”, he also mentioned the huge support he received from his parents and how he kept telling his worried parents that ‘it’s fine.. I’m fine’, he said “my parents were my source of strength. they’ve never forced me to do anything, and that’s what helped me in standing back on my feet” he finished this section by advising everyone that this time shall pass whether it’s happy or sad it’ll pass, and he encouraged everyone to never give up.

He said in the year following the accident and before BOF he was able to graduate uni, took acting lessons and pursued his dream. This question appeared on screen {20s? A. Time to prepare for the future \ B. Time to enjoy youth} He talked a lot before he answered it giving advices on both options and saying of course one should prepare for their future(A) but at the end he chose B and said .. actually shouted: “Enjoy your 20s it’ll never come back to you!” his loud voice freaked me out lol I’ll make sure to fully enjoy my 20s Minho-ssi!!

Lee Minho was asked “How far did you come?”, He said “I never thought about an age of retiring.. I’ve come 10% of what I want to do as an actor, I’m at the beginning of my acting career”

He was a bit nervous and asked “why am I nervous?” The fans cheered him on, he said “I’m doing okay right? Be critical and objective” 😹 

They played a video showing some of his childhood pics and then he sang a song I’ve never heard him sing before and the audience enjoyed it a lot. the lady who sat next to me was waving her hands enthusiastically and singing along with him, and not only her in fact the whole audience went wild I realized it must be a popular song. it’s called 그대와함께 (with you), I heard the original song which is quite old but I liked the cover sang by Minho better :P

When Park Seulgi (the host of Section TV) appeared I couldn’t believe it, I’ve always loved their interviews and enjoyed watching them in my screen but to get to see their interaction live was perfect I couldn’t want anything more xD the interpreter device came with a single earphone, but I replaced it with my own regular earphones, when Minho started singing I put them down and when Seulgi appeared I put back one of the earphones on and there was no sound .. I thought it might be a temporary problem and the translation will begin soon (actually Minho was having some problem with his ear piece as well so I thought it’s fine) and I stayed like that watching all the fun Minho and Seulgi had without understanding a single word, I was so frustrated and put back on the other earphone and there was the sound of the interpreter! I’ve never felt as stupid in my life as I felt in that moment :crazy: if there is one thing I regretted at the concert it’d be that I didn’t realize sooner the sound will come only from ONE earphone *sigh*

Minho and Seulgi started the “Minoz Choice” section, remember the survey that Minoz World posted in FB? he answered 4 of the questions that were there

1) Gu Jun Pyo vs Kim Tan? Minho chose Kim Tan and so did 82.3% of the minoz

2) Suit vs Casual? Minho chose suit and so did 53.7% of the minoz

3) Minho the sweet vs. tsundere Minho (sweet from the inside but cold outside)? Minoz chose the sweet him but he chose tsundere. Seulgi asked him to act out the 2 personalities so he was the cold-hearted boyfriend and Seulgi acted as his girlfriend and they had a convo over the phone xD they were so cute!! Seulgi was the desperate gf with her squeezy voice and “oppaaaaaa” lol

Now to act out the sweet and warm personality he randomly chose a ticket from the box and it was our lucky girl, Anna’s seat number ^^ now you all know what happened afterwards :P Anna was seated a few rows in front of me, so when Minho came down from stage to escort her I got a closer look at him and I can say this with confidence: HE IS TALL!! when they went to stage, Seulgi asked her “Who is he to you?” and Anna answered “namja chingu” (my boyfriend) lol I liked that .. Minho asked for the lights to be dimmed and then gave her a hug. I honestly enjoyed their moment on stage, they were SO sweet and cute. seeing how our adorable bb treats his fans is what makes me love him more tbh, and I’m already past the stage of feeling jealousy towards those who get to touch and hug him and quite the opposite I now enjoy those moments and would love to see more of that XD Minho is such a sweetheart!

4) Sing vs. Dance? Minho chose dance (and Seulgi made him dance on this occasion, he was refusing to dance at first saying that the concert is a talk concert and dancing won’t match its concept but the fans were extremely wild lol they made him give in, so finally they both danced even though I won’t consider what they did as “dance” 😅) while 72.1% of the minoz was revealed to have chosen sing.

He was asked {what are your best 3 restaurants?} 1. he mentioned a Korean restaurant’s name which is (우돈청) he likes their meat 2. he chose his house because of his mom’s cooking saying even his friends wish if his mom was theirs 3. he jokingly told Seulgi “Your house” lol

Lee Minho was asked {When do you think you’ll get married?} he answered “I think at the age of 38” and then she asked {what’d you like to have, a son or a daughter?} he said “men tend to be suckers for their daughters, so if I were to have a daughter I don’t think I’ll be able to discipline her (he meant that he’d be weak to his daughter and would easily give in to whatever she wants, 딸 바보 😅) while for my son I’ll be his friend more than his father, I’ll be a good father if I were to have a son” how sweet! I want to see daddy Minho now ..

{about his thoughts on popularity} he said he didn’t start acting to become popular and he won’t appear on entertainment programs seeking popularity, and out of the entertainment programs’ PDs he liked Na Young-seok the most. Seulgi asked him about Infinity Challenge and Minho said if he ever appeared on such programs he’d like to show his real self more, and he wants to be natural. Minho said that he’d never choose money over quality (he’s not interested in making money, the script is what matters) and that if he chose an non-Korean project it’s because to reach out to as much fans as possible and to give them a chance to see him, not because the project offers him lots of money, he seemed to clear a misunderstanding that some people had of him. he was asked how does he feel his popularity? he said “through SNS” and by communicating with his fans from different backgrounds he can feel he’s popular .. actually this gave me a thought that he might read whatever people send him, even the comments that criticize him :sweatingbullets: he said that he reads his fancafes but not his official fanclub and that he’ll read his official FC from now on. when asked “when did you first feel that you’re popular?” he said during halfway of filming BOF when he was given a van and when he got to sit at the backseat.

{Lee Min Ho’s promise} one of my favorite parts of the concert, this is literally what he said “last year, I promised to make a drama and a movie but due to some circumstances I could only do a movie. this year, I promise to do a drama and you will soon read about it in the news” he was pretty hesitant before he could say that and said “is it okay to say it now?” lol my bb I wonder whom was he asking 😛 .. uhh the fact that he didn’t come out with a drama last year seemed to really bother him and idk I felt he was under a pressure to choose a drama asap :\ it was now the time to exchange promises between Minho and his minoz, he said: “Let me make you a promise. In this year I’ll make a drama no matter what. I’ll work very hard in 2016” everyone clapped for him cheering him on, Minho continued: “And what promise will you make me? you should make me a promise that watching my drama you’ll be happy (he wished happiness and good health for everyone, and to watch his next drama happily)” his words made me extremely happy, almost bringing me to tears!

{Lee Minho’s charity platform: Promiz} he talked about Promiz and thanked everyone who was part of PMZ in the past year, and said “in my thirties I’ll sacrifice my sleep and be in PMZ myself and donate together with my friends”. they showed a video of Promiz contributions in the past year, there was this sweet schoolgirl from Cambodia who gave a thank you message to PMZ because they provided school bags and supplies to her school. the video was so heartwarming it made me proud of my bb for creating this platform.

He ended the concert by singing 선물 (I Love You from his album The Day) and then 고마워요 (Thank You, his single track) .. how I wish it lasted a little longer. actually the concert was supposed to be only 2 hours long but ended pretty late a little past 10:30 (it’s supposed to end at 10), and when Minho realized in the first hour that he’s a bit behind on schedule he said “it’d be so nice to have a late midnight conversations with you” .. ahh we all had the same thought. he was so talkative and interacted well with the fans, I enjoyed every single bit of this day and it’s like crossing over one of the things on my bucket list.

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