My introduction to Lee Min Ho was the window I saw S. Korea from

It all started in early September, 2014 but before that I had no idea what dramas are like, and had zero interest in Korea and its culture and language. I had many friends who were crazy about kdramas and kpop in particular and South Korea in general, and I often teased them and told them to grow up as we’re not teenagers anymore (no offense xD), of course they’ve tried million times to lure me into the kpop world by showing me the pics of their handsome oppa’s and making me listen to their songs but nothing worked, nothing caught my attention (except one time in 2009 when I agreed that my friend’s crush Nickhun is handsome xD)

now back to 2014, I met my friend who had just came back home after her study break abroad, what was surprising is that this time she was completely into kdramas unlike her usual self, she kept talking nonstop about how amazing the dramas are and how she wishes to learn Korean, I was really surprised and shocked about her sudden change of interests as she’s never showed any interest in Korea before. Even after our gathering our conversation continued through Whatsapp and she spammed my phone with Lee Min Ho’s pictures lol she couldn’t stop expressing how amazing he is and that led her to force me watch one of his dramas so that she can hear my opinion on this “new” actor who stole away her mind xD I honestly wanted to know who the hell is this Asian guy who made my friend go crazy, and from here on it was my time to go crazy.

My first kdrama ever was City Hunter; watched it upon the recommendation of my friend who was deeply in love with Lee Min Ho. For those who watched it know that the first 2 episodes were extremely dramatic and a bit cheesy so it wasn’t a good start, and the fact that one episode lasts for 60+ minutes wasn’t helping at all I wanted to give it up but it was too late, I had already fallen for Lee Min Ho, I don’t know what was it that attracted me to him, I just loved everything about him even his cheesiness xD but I think it was his good acting and his well-maintained body he had in the drama that I liked.

For a first drama it was a bit difficult to understand what’s going on, the language was completely new to me. I thought ‘Ahjussi’ was the man’s name! and because I’m not used to Asian dramas/movies .. to me, all the characters looked the same TT I had a hard time distinguishing and remembering the faces not to mention their names! I still find Korean names to be difficult and hard to remember, I mean it’s a 3-part name and there’s a lot of Kims and Lees. Frankly speaking till I finished city hunter I couldn’t remember Minho’s character name, the only name I loved and remembered was Kim nana :p

after city hunter I decided to watch everything Minho-related. I marathoned all of his drama starting from Personal Taste and ending with the Heirs in a month and half, that included Boys Over Flowers and believe me to watch a 5yrs old drama needs a strong heart lol it was super cheesy and Geum Jandi was the most annoying character ever, honestly speaking not because I love him but Minho’s acting was spectacular and deserving to all the praises he got, and I believe it’s because of Gu Jun Pyo that this drama was the biggest talk of 2009. After that I watched I am Sam in which Minho made small appearances playing the principal’s son and despite his small role I watched it all and enjoyed it, then I watched Mackerel Run (a very funny drama, Minho looked so young and playful, sadly it only had 8 episodes it was so fun to watch) and the movie Our School ET which was great. Now that I had finished watching all of Minho’s works I was sad, so what happened was I watched the dramas of his best friend actor Jung ilwoo because I counted that as “Minho-related” xD and that’s how I started to enter the world of kdramas, allowing myself to watch non-Minho works and broke the (I won’t watch anything not Minho-related) rule that I put to myself.

I couldn’t get enough of Minho so for the first time I started to follow his up-to-date news. It was around January when he was promoting his movie Gangnam 1970 (Gangnam Blues), his daily fan-taken pics made me happy, that’s how I got to know Minho the person himself not the characters he played so far. The more I knew about him the more I loved him. Oh and in January he held his last world tour concert which was in Seoul, here I knew that he had released 2 albums and loves singing for his fans, I was really frustrated to know about his world tour this late because I wanted to meet him so badly especially when I had the chance! (I happened to be in Beijing when he was there, but that was before I knew him *sigh*) now all I can hope for is that he holds a concert or a fan meeting or whatever that’s accessible for international fans so that I can fly to wherever that is and meet him!!

the first Korean letters I learnt were these 이민호 which reads Lee Min Ho. He not only encouraged me to learn the language but also got me interested in the country, he has a great influence, doesn’t he? Well that’s why his government chose him to promote the tourism in the country after MERS had hit it, and he’s done a good job indeed.

It’s now October 2015 and it feels as if it was yesterday that I first known about him. ⛅️💕


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